Some Surprises in Verizon/AT&T iPhone Sales

The geniuses at Boy Genius Reports have some real insider contacts with Apple.  They leaked the side-by-side sales data from five Apple retail stores, including a couple of their most significant locations, on the very first days that the Verizon capable iPhone 4 was available. 

 These are real apple-to-apple comparisons (couldn’t resist that pun) with both phones sitting side-by-side in the same store.  But while these were just another five days for the AT&T phone they were the very first days for the Verizon phone following years of speculation, months of hype, and weeks of saturation advertising including a Super Bowl spot.

And the result:

On the very first day the sales advantage to Verizon was less than two-to-one and by day 4 it was nearly equal.

This is particularly surprising since AT&T’s iPhone service has been poorly reviewed.  For example, judge the audience reaction in this clip from the Daily Show when Jon Stewart talks about the announcement.

The Daily Show With Jon Stewart  
Verizon iPhone Announcement

Clearly there is some sort of a disconnect between the audience reaction and the sales numbers.  The same Boy Genius Reports article also talks about from what the buyers of the Verizon iPhone were upgrading.

“Other” in the above chart included those who did not say, those who were upgrading from non-smart-phones, and those purchasing their first phone.  Of all the groups only the iPhone users were certainly switching from AT&T to Verizon.  While it is possible that some of the Blackberry, Android, and dumb-phone users were switching both carrier and phone types, the majority of them were likely switching from one Verizon phone to another.

What this seems to indicate is that despite how much we may profess to ‘love’ our phone but ‘hate’ our carrier we are much more loyal to the carrier than we like to admit.  All the ways in which our phone carriers use to keep us renewing our contracts (subsidized phone upgrades, family plans, hassles with number portability, etc.) are apparently surprisingly effective.

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