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House passes patent changes without altering damages in litigation

On June 23, 2011, the House of Representatives approved the renamed Leahy–Smith America Invents Act (H.R. 1249) by a bipartisan vote of 304-117. In March, the Senate passed S. 23, “The America Invents Act,” with larger bipartisan approval. Although there are differences between the House and Senate versions, I suspect that these differences will be …

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Combined, Two Studies Predict the Collapse Of Employer-Provided Health Coverage Under ObamaCare

Two different reports by reputable consulting firms each conclude that more than half of employers will eliminate or change their existing health care plans. The two reports focus on entirely different reasons for the predicted changes. Because of the combined effects of the two reported challenges, there will be few employer-paid health care plans that …

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Should Congress Be Required to Use a Blind Trust?

Most members of Congress are more than a little wealthy.  That is not a bad thing since Congress should have the best and brightest, and  many get into public service after having been successful in some other field.  Moreover, there does not appear to be any particular ideological correlation.  For example, according to opensecrets.org, the …

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A Constitutional Endgame to the Debt Limit Standoff

As each attempt to reach a compromise on raising the debt ceiling falls apart, the situation seems increasingly like a car heading toward a cliff with one person being unwilling to turn the wheel while the other is unwilling to take their foot off the gas.  In the hallways around the capital, a number of voices …

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Exit One, Enter Another

This week contained a milestone in the decline of one once-dominant social networking website and the birth of another one hoping to someday be king.  Those events were (i) the sale of MySpace for 35 million dollars and (ii) the announcement of the Google+  public preview.  Obviously, Google+ hopes to someday do to Facebook what …

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Taxing the web: A chess match California will lose

California Governor Jerry Brown calls taxing web-based retailers “a common sense idea”. Unfortunately for Mr. Brown and California legislators, winning a chess match takes more than common sense. It requires thinking a couple moves ahead. The “tax the web” chess match is something that Internet-based retail giant Amazon.com thought through long ago. California legislators and …

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