Decline in Las Vegas Weddings Costs Clark County $2 Million

Las Vegas has always been a hot spot for “quickie” weddings because Clark County does not require blood tests or have a waiting period.  But the recent downturn in the economy has even extended to Las Vegas chapels.  Couples have postponed taking their vows or have decided not to get married at all.  Diana Alba, clerk at Nevada’s Clark County (which includes Las Vegas), explains, “If you don’t have a stable job, it’s hard to say, ‘Let’s get married and start a family.”  The following are some statistics relating to the decline in weddings at Las Vegas chapels:

  • 37.3 million people visited Las Vegas in 2010, down from 39.2 million in 2007, according to the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority
  • Clark County issued 91,890 marriage licenses in 2010, down 16% from 2007
  • At $60 per marriage license, Clark County has lost $2 million in annual fees since 2004
  • Dianne Schiller, owner of Renta-Dress & Tux Shop is quoted saying her business has dropped 15% from two years ago

Clark County has over 90 wedding chapels.  Due to the economic slowdown, these chapels have had to create new sources of revenues.  Currently, they are targeting couples seeking to renew their vows and commitment ceremonies for same-sex couples.

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