Waiting for In-Home Services and Appointments Cost Americans $37.7 billion in 2011

We have all been there, taking the time out of our busy schedules to wait for a repair or delivery person.  It is one of the more frustrating parts of life.  Have you ever wondered how much it wastes in productivity?  IBOPE Zogby conducted a poll, on behalf of cloud computing software company TOA Technologies, regarding the time American workers spent waiting for in-home services and appointments.  The survey estimated that Americans lost $37.7 billion in 2011 waiting for in-home services and appointments.

The following are some interesting facts that were obtained from the survey:

  • The survey consisted of more than 1,000 adults
  • 72% or respondents perceived their time to be worth $15 an hour
  • The average consumer estimated that they lost $250 last year waiting for a repair or delivery person
  • 58% of those who indicated that they waited for a repair or delivery person waited on average 4 and a half hours
  • 57% said that they spent the most time waiting for the cable guy

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