Four years into the Great Recession, employment pictures shed light

The Great Recession officially began in December 2007.  Exactly four years later, most agree that employment remains bleak.   However, this general employment malaise is not felt as much in the government sector, particularly regarding federal government employment.  The following graphs/charts show historical employment trends among sectors.  In sum, the private sector undoubtedly faired worse than the government sector.  The federal government’s employment has done quite well.   Interestingly,  the government sector is merely 17% of the workforce (nonfarm employees); 83% is the private sector.  Additionally, the federal government is a mere fraction (13%) of the government sector.  Thus,  rational thought would tell us that practically all of the focus should be on private sector job creation over government job creation.

All of the graphs below are based on data provided by the U.S. Department of Labor.









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