This Can Be One Really Cruel Town.

The superhero epic The Avengers has roared across movie screens and smashed all previous opening weekends with a US box office of over $200 million.  It is widely believed that it would have made even more if there were more IMAX screens out there  to show it.  To understand the magnitude of this record, the previous top opening weekend box office was $169.1 million for the final Harry Potter movie.  In addition, the film had opened the week before in foreign markets.  Combining the first and second weeks overseas and the first week in the US totals $641 million.  Could we possibly be looking at the first billion dollar initial box office run?  UPDATE: The billion-dollar box office total was passed in just 19 days.

So where is the genius that green-lit this monster?  In the unemployment line, at least figuratively speaking.  Disney film boss Rich Ross was forced to resign less than three weeks ago in response to the monumental flop of John Carter.  Now, no doubt about it, John Carter was a flop of  the highest order,  But The Avengers would seem to more than make up for it.

But that is just the kind of business this is.  You can be the loser one week and the hero the next, but you have to somehow manage to stick around.

Because this is the city:

Where every waiter wants to be an actor

Every actor wants to be a director

Every director wants to be a producer

Every producer wants to be a studio chief

And every studio chief is afraid of that one big flop that puts them back at the bottom of the pile.


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