Visa-Free Floating Technology Incubators

Blueseed, a proposed tech incubator, is scheduled to open for business in late 2013 or early 2014.  Blueseed will float in international waters, some 12 nautical miles away from Silicon Valley.  This way, new companies can thrive without worrying about U.S. regulations getting in the way of tech innovation.  A foreign national needs a visa to legally earn a paycheck in the U.S.  On the Blueseed vessel, you will only need a passport.  Blueseed claims that 7,000 foreign nationals hold PhDs, but struggle with immigration issues.

The Blueseed floating vessel is like a cruise ship, with luxury accommodations, work areas, high speed internet, and a whole host of other services.  Basic accommodations aboard the Blueseed vessel are estimated to cost $1,200 per person per month.

Peter Thiel, one of Blueseed’s prominent investors, has had a long time vision of having new countries on the seas which are free from interference from land based governments.  Over 100 companies have expressed interest in the Blueseed vessel.  There are still many questions that remain unanswered about the Blueseed vessel.  However, this endeavor may be one clever solution to obtaining high quality foreign talent, without much of the red tape.

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