Fathers Are Getting More Expensive Gifts (But Still Below Spending on Moms)

The National Retail Foundation reports that the average person will spend $117 on Father’s Day gifts, up 10% from last year’s number.  Spending for Father’s Day is expected to total $12.7 billion.  While an impressive number, it still falls well short of Mother’s Day spending, when consumers spend $152 on average.

Some have suggested that this disparity might in part be due to the time and value of Dads’ “services” at home when compared to efforts by Moms and (cheekily) concluded that  Dads are simply worth less to kids. Of course, there are many kids who would disagree.  Each parent brings different elements to a child and a recent blog post at Hands Free Mama does a pretty great job of describing what makes Dads so special.

So maybe Moms just have more expensive taste.

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    • Richard on August 25, 2012 at 7:36 PM
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    I agree with you that behavioral detrpicsors, and not values that drive those behaviors, are more effective in guiding performance as well as making the verbal apprisal discussions more engaging as choices and their consequences can also be traced and assessed. Also, since values often mean different things to differnt people,lack of clarity around these words may end up derailing performance discussions, creating level 1 resistance- or the shadow of it when a deeper emotional resistance (i.e Level2) is at play.

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