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A “New” Method of Financing University Education that isn’t New

FixUC, a student-based organization, claims to have found the solution to rising student debt and education costs. The proposal: instead of paying tuition to attend university, students should pay the university a 5% share of their future income for twenty years after graduation. FixUC’s founder and President, Chris LoCascio, explains the logic underlying the initiative, …

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A Social Media Policy You Could Fit in a Tweet.

Lafe Solomon, chief counsel of the National Labor Relations Board, recently issued an opinion regarding several companies’ social media policies at their request.  The ruling does not carry any force of law or regulation, but does provide some guidance regarding the legal issues involved with social media policies. Social media presents a challenge to companies. …

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Polls’ history says June polls don’t mean much…?

Gallup is recognized as one of the most prominent pollsters and is relied upon by many political analysts.  On its website, Gallup posted a summary of the history of its presidential poll results.  Since 1980, Gallup has identified the eventual presidential winner (via popular vote) only twice in its June horse race polling and even …

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Google Thinks the Internet Should .lol

After several delays over the privacy of the application process, ICANN has completed the application phase for new global Top Level Domains (gTLD).  The public’s ability to review the applications is scheduled to begin on the 13th, but Google in a blog posting has made it clear that it made more than a few applications …

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Amazon Gains from Collecting California Sales Taxes

Amazon in September of last year agreed to collect California sales tax starting in September of this year.  At the time I was surprised at how quickly Amazon had changed course after first reacting with a petition drive and dropping their Affiliates Program.  Amazon not only agreed to a one year delay but tossed in a …

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Tax experts want less political grandstanding

A survey released in May by Ernst & Young indicated that two-thirds of the approximately 2000 tax and finance executives surveyed said that the presidential candidates are not spending enough time addressing tax issues. In reviewing the results, the E&Y Vice Chair of Tax Services said: In the last few weeks, the tone of campaigns …

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Which Country Pays Their Professors the Most?

In “Paying the Professoriate,” education Professor Philip Altbach and his colleagues compare the salaries of university faculty members across 28 countries. At a first glance, the list of top ten highest-paid academics is surprising: For underlying data. Relatively impoverished countries like South Africa, Malaysia, and especially India seem out of place. How is it possible …

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