Samsung “Not as Cool” as Apple in the UK

Samsung has won a legal battle but likely took a hit to its corporate ego in the most recent development in its ongoing patent war with Apple.  In this bittersweet victory, A UK judge has labeled the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 as simply “not as cool” as the Apple product whose patent it was alleged to be infringing.

High Court Judge Colin Birss said, “They do not have the same understated and extreme simplicity which is possessed by the Apple design. They are not as cool.  The overall impression produced is different.”

As described in a prior post, Apple recently won a preliminary injunction banning US sales of the Galaxy 10.1 tablet.  If the ultimate assessment that the Samsung product is not infringing is consistently reached on this side of the Atlantic, Apple will be at risk for Samsung’s lost profits during the injunction period.  Apple had posted a $2.6 million bond as collateral for this contingency.

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  1. When I read the Judge’s ruling I felt he might have been chiding Apple since ‘understated and extreme simplicity’ sounds a lot more like Apple marketing buzzwords than terms with a legal context. He also cited “unusual details on the back” which might have included the word SAMSUNG where otherwise there is a fruity logo.

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