One small step for Apple, one giant leap for Patent Law

The verdict in the Apple v. Samsung case has been returned: a huge victory for Apple. Jurors have decided that Samsung violated Apple’s patents and awarded Apple $1.051 billion in damages. This is a tremendous blow to Samsung’s hold in the mobile phone market, just as it was showing dominance over Apple in market share. This verdict could lead to a total ban of some Samsung products, including its Galaxy S II mobile phone.  This case was monumental, not only because of the two corporate giants that occupied the courtroom, but also because of the implications on technological patent cases. The verdict upheld the specific patents, which some had suggested were relatively small additions to the overall workings of the device, such as the way the screen bounces back or the look and feel of the phone.  This is especially good timing for Apple given the rumors of the imminent release of the iPhone 5.

With Apple recently attaining the distinction of being the largest company in US history (surpassing all others with a valuation of $623.52 billion a few days ago), this latest piece of good news certainly indicates a continued bright future.

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