Excuse Me, Do You Have Wi-Fi on Your Ass?

In Israel, a few miles north of Nazareth, the city of Hoshaya is the site of a Talmudic-era re-enactment village called  Kfar Kedem.  Think Colonial Wiliamsburg with sandals.

Like any other current tourist attraction, they wanted their visitors to spread the word by text messaging, tweeting, sending pictures to their friends and updating their facebook page about the great time they are having spending the day living in the first century (never mind the overwhelming irony).

Integrating high speed connectivity into a biblical setting presents some obvious technical challenges. The current solution is to hide battery powered wi-fi hotspots inside the bundles on the backs of the donkeys that trod the paths of the town.  Five donkeys have been equipped already and they are expecting to soon expand it to all 30 in their stable.

I really must commend their creativity. And honestly I never would have thought of going to a place like this but now it has a certain curiosity. Not because I actually want to experience biblical life, but the chance of seeing somebody holding up their cell phone, spinning around, and saying “Where’d my ass go?”  is too good to miss.

Proof that you really can’t make up stuff this good.

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