Google Makes Street View Available Where There Are No Streets.

Google Inc’s map application takes a step further and continues to blow us all away. With the addition of Street View into the Google map in May of 2007 and into the iPhone in 2008, Google created an extremely useful (and fun) tool for getting around and seeing places where you have never been. You can walk the streets of Rome, visit the Effiel Tower, or just make sure you know exactly where to turn in trying to find that pizza shop your friend told you to try, all from your computer or handheld device. It is an incredible tool that has so many possible applications, and it only gets better. Now Google is adding an underwater street view, just in case you were planning on a trip to any one of the six currently offered coral reefs. Can’t afford to go to Australia to see the Great Barrier Reef, but still want to check out the sea turtles and manta rays? Now you have the opportunity. While I do enjoy the Discovery Channel Great Barrier Reef HD TV hour-long Special each year and am the owner of Planet Earth Blu-ray set, I have never been able to control the movements of the camera like I was swimming through the waters with Google’s help.

This may produce even more backlash against Apple for cutting Google maps from its new iOS 6 and replacing it with its own map app. Consumers have already been complaining about the less than satisfactory nature of the new app, specifically its inaccuracies and lack of  something similar to Google’s Street View. As Google Street View keeps improving and adding incredible features like this, that divide will likely be increasing.

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