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Investing in College: A Lesson in Evaluating Investment Returns

The common practice of investing in a university education to receive lifelong returns of larger salaries deserves additional scrutiny in the current environment of rising tuition, ballooning student-debt, and high unemployment among college grads. Smart Money attempted to provide guidance, but botched the return on investment calculation. The publication recently scored the country’s 50 most expensive universities …

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China “Dumps” on the US

On Wednesday, October 10, 2012, the US Commerce Department came to a final ruling on a trade dispute with China, wherein certain Chinese manufacturers of solar panels and cells were accused of “dumping” their goods on the United States. In response, tariffs were imposed on imports from companies such as Suntech and Trina Solar, ranging …

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Posner Opinion Provides Worthwhile Damage Guidance

In re: Apple vs. Motorola, the parties sued each other for patent infringement involving smartphones. Seventh Circuit Judge Richard Posner, sitting by designation, threw out all damage witnesses for both parties on Daubert motions. Then, since both parties lacked damages testimony, he dismissed both cases with prejudice. Interestingly, Judge Posner did not allow either party …

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Because Of Its Government, U.S. Continues Its Recent Drop in Global Competiveness Ranking

The World Economic Forum is a Swiss non-profit foundation founded in 1971 that is best known for its annual worldwide and regional meetings of business leaders, political leaders, and scholars to discuss pressing international issues. The organization is primarily funded by around 1000 member companies, who are primarily large multinational firms from around the world. …

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Earn Great Returns Betting on Presidential Debates

How much did Mitt Romney gain from the debate on Wednesday? The media consensus appears to be that he was the winner. How much could you have gained by betting on the debate? 100 Romney shares purchased on Intrade at close on the 3rd could have been sold at a gain of $75 at close on …

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Google Makes Street View Available Where There Are No Streets.

Google Inc’s map application takes a step further and continues to blow us all away. With the addition of Street View into the Google map in May of 2007 and into the iPhone in 2008, Google created an extremely useful (and fun) tool for getting around and seeing places where you have never been. You can walk …

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California now in the retirement plan business, with quasi-mandatory participation by both employers and employees

California’s Governor Brown signed SB 1234, the “California Secure Choice Retirement Savings Trust.” into law on September 28, 2012. The law creates a retirement saving plan for the estimated 6.3 million private-sector workers who currently don’t have access to a retirement plan through their jobs. Nothing meaningful will happen until mid-2013, as the plan is …

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A Great Game Needs Great Referees

After what will no doubt go down as one of the most embarrassing end-of-game plays in any sport, the NFL quickly reached an agreement with its referees on a new contract and ended the lockout.  In the process of doing so it was no doubt reminded of the rule that is the title of this piece.  Whatever …

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Controversy Over the Fed’s Policies Continues…

Since the last Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting in September, multiple Committee members have been outspoken about the Fed’s additional unparalleled monetary accommodations to allegedly spur economic growth.  Recall that the FOMC meeting resulted in both new and continuation of existing monetary easing measures including:  (i) “QE3”, (ii) continuing “Operation Twist”, and (iii) continuing …

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