Mobilization of the Internet

Is your webpage ready for the smartphone revolution? With about half of all cell phone subscribers now owning smartphones, and two thirds of new phone purchases being smartphones, the internet is becoming increasingly mobile. Focusing on cell phones merely scratches the surface, as it does not take into account the tablets (such as the Apple iPad, Amazon Kindle, or the Microsoft Surface) that are now appearing in more and more US homes. Is your (or your company’s) webpage ready?

Many webpages, even those that are just a few years old, are not made to be viewed by anything other than a computer. This can make mobile browsing difficult and even frustrating. And with a rapidly increasing number of internet browsers using mobile devices to connect, a webpage not designed to accommodate mobile browsing could alienate a huge group of people. Whether they are existing clients or prospective customers, ease of access and simplicity in obtaining needed information is a valued element in any online relationship. Even if your website is very presentable on a PC or laptop, taking the time to see if it works on a smartphone or tablet will definitely be worthwhile.  Whether someone is trying to buy tickets to a show, book a hotel room, or find a dentist, there is no doubt that if your website proves frustrating, there are others ready and willing to service that customer.

We are in the middle of a mobile internet revolution. Are you ready?

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