One Way Ticket to Mars

Feel like being a pioneer?  Well, now you can be.  Mars One, a not-for-profit organization is planning on sending a crew to Mars in 2023.  Applications to participate in this voyage started on April 22, 2013.  As of May 7, 2013, 78,000 applications were received.  Mars One expects to receive 500,000 applications for this mission.  The crazy part is this is that these applicants probably will never be able to return to earth,

While it is possible that, within the lifetime of the early settlers on Mars, there will be opportunity to bring one or more back to Earth, it cannot be anticipated nor expected. Consider the following fact: to return a human to Earth, a fully assembled and fueled launch vehicle (rocket) must be available, capable of escaping the gravitational field of Mars with ample, on-board life support systems and supplies for up to a seven months voyage, and the capability to either dock with a space station orbiting the Earth, or perform a safe re-entry and landing on Earth….

Furthermore, there is a point in time after which the human body will have adjusted to the 38% gravitation field of Mars, and be incapable of returning to the Earth’s much stronger gravity. This is due to the total physiological change in the human body, which includes reduction in bone density, muscle strength, and circulatory system capacity. While a cosmonaut on-board the Mir was able to walk upon return to Earth after thirteen months in a weightless environment, after a prolonged stay on Mars, the human body will not be able to adjust to the higher gravity of Earth upon return.”

Still interested in making this one way trip?  Well you are in luck.  You do not have to have any special expertise.  Mars One is looking for the following types of people,

Unique to all other space exploration endeavors before it, Mars One is opening the astronaut program to anyone on planet Earth that meets the base criteria. It is not necessary to have military training nor experience in flying aircraft nor even a science degree. It is most important that each applicant be intelligent, in good mental and physical health, and be willing to dedicate eight years to training and learning before making the journey to his or her new home on Mars.”

The cost of this endeavor is sky-high.  Mars One plans on raising a large portion of the funds through reality TV.

So, who’s in?

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