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“Shark Tank” Doesn’t Get Venture Capital Valuation Right

ABC’s popular TV show, “Shark Tank,” shows negotiations between entrepreneurs and five Venture Capital (VC) investors (“the Sharks”). Before describing their company, business owners typically make a request in the following form: X thousands of dollars in exchange of Y percent ownership in the company. For example, in a recent episode, the two owners of …

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50 Flavors of Yuck: Why More Candies Aren’t Like Jelly Bellys

Every once in a while I am reminded that I hate Jelly Belly jelly beans. Even after carefully selecting only those flavors that look safest (usually the fruity ones), I am nevertheless tortured with at least a couple nasty tasting jelly beans. This repeated bad experience makes me (i) thankful that most candies aren’t sold …

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More Than 10% of US Adults Were Victims of Fraud in 2011

A recent report by the Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) entitled “Consumer Fraud in the United States, 2011: The Third FTC Survey” provides some interesting statistics on the prevalence of fraud.  The underlying consumer surveys revealed that during 2011 an estimated 10.8 % of U.S. adults (25.6 million people) were a victim of one or more of an estimated total …

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