U.S. Still No. 1 in Income and Housing

The U.S. has been enduring its fair share of criticisms, with government entities going broke and facing significant cuts, the education system declining, high unemployment rates, and the political system being the ridiculed.  Recently, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) released its 2013 “better life index”.  The survey covers 34 countries and ranks them on 11 topics.  24/7 Wall St summarized the results of the survey and identified Switzerland as coming in first place in overall life satisfaction.  The Exchange reports that if all of the 11 categories are weighted equally, Australia is ranked the highest, making it the world’s happiest country.  In comparison, the U.S. ranks 6th on the same scale.

The U.S. still ranks number 1 in two categories, (i) income and (ii) housing.  The U.S. ranks highest in Household Net Financial Wealth of $115,918 per household, Personal Earnings of $54,450 and Household Net Adjusted Disposable Income of $38,001.  The U.S. shares the number 1 spot in Quality of Housing, which is measured by the units having basic facilities as indoor plumbing, with Sweden, Spain, and Netherlands.

Although the U.S. ranks number 1 in income, it also has large inequality of income.  Yet it remains a land of opportunity and possibility.

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