Social Networking Trends Shifting Amongst Teens

Social networking is around us everywhere.  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, and LinkedIn are just some of the many social networking sites that are frequented by many of us daily.  Social networking is no doubt a place where people get their information from these days and where advertisers are targeting.

A recent study conducted by Piper Jarrray indicates that Facebook is losing ground with the teenage crowd,

Teens have cited “friends” as the strongest influence over their purchase decisions for the duration of our survey history, but “Internet” is quickly rising in profile. More than half of teens indicate that social media impacts their purchases with Twitter being the most important, eclipsing Facebook, followed closely by Instagram. But the popularity of Facebook is waning among teens with 23% citing it as the most important, down from 33% six months ago and 42% a year ago.”

For those who do not know much about Twitter, here are 30 statistics to get you up to speed.

The shift in the younger generations preference from Facebook to Twitter puts pressure on Facebook to attract and keep teen users.  The revenue models for these social networks are dependent to the user data and advertising to this demographic.  But Twitter should not get too comfortable, as Instagram appears to be gaining traction against Twitter.

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