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Ellen Hermann is a consultant at Fulcrum Inquiry. Her background is in intellectual property valuation and damages.

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The Vatican is “Cash-Only” as Italian Banks Stop Card Payments

The Italian central bank, Banca D’Italia, and the Vatican’s main bank, the Italian branch of Deutsche Bank, stopped electronic payments and ATM withdrawals within Vatican City last week.  Italian banks set the ban in place due to the city-state’s failure to comply with European Union money laundering regulations.  Vatican City and the Vatican museums are …

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CEOs Pay Employees Less After Having Children?

A recent widely reported study found that male CEOs’ families significantly affect the wages of their employees.  The study, by Professors Michael Dahl, Cristian Dezso, and David Gaddis Ross, found that male CEOs who have children generally pay their employees less after the birth of each child.  The decrease in wages was less for female …

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Earn Great Returns Betting on Presidential Debates

How much did Mitt Romney gain from the debate on Wednesday? The media consensus appears to be that he was the winner. How much could you have gained by betting on the debate? 100 Romney shares purchased on Intrade at close on the 3rd could have been sold at a gain of $75 at close on …

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UK’s Grading System Gets an F

A recent article in the Guardian addressed the UK’s current university grading system and its flaws.  For those unfamiliar with how the British grading system works, both the Fullbright Commission and World Education Services provide explanations and conversions to US letter grades.  Basically, university students in the UK receive percentage grades throughout their studies, and …

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Apple Requests Some FRAND-ly Advice

Apple is once again able to sell iPads and iPhones in Germany.  Apple Inc. recently won a German appeals court ruling that at least temporarily lifts an injunction that prohibited the sale of some iPad and iPhone models.  Apple allegedly infringed on certain technology from Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc. that a standards setting board identified …

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