Seven Biggest Retirement Mistakes

As with most things in life, a few retirement mistakes can dominate the final results achieved.  The article Seven Biggest Retirement Mistakes provides perspective on this important subject.  The article provides further links to:

  1. Advice about how much retirement money is needed,
  2. An online calculator that shows whether you will run out of money,
  3. An online calculator that suggests retirement portfolio allocation, and
  4. Specific investment suggestions under an approach that uses low-cost ETFs and passive investing.

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    • Social Security Help on March 22, 2011 at 5:05 PM
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    Social Security’s “bankruptcy date” will be a lot sooner than forecast; all of these effects are causing severe damage to the rest of the workforce and the economy generally. Anyone who thinks Generation Y will have access to the exact same high quality of Social Security advantages is going to be either be dead or extremely disappointed when it comes time for them to collect.

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