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IRS to use tax preparer data to identify patterns of fraud

The IRS has registered over 840,000 tax return preparers and has begun the process of administering competency tests for those who are not a CPA, attorney or enrolled agent.  Paid preparers who fall outside of these three groups will also be required to take 15 hours of continuing professional education annually from IRS-approved vendors.  IRS …

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Who is being polled matters

With the Republican primary  wrapping up and more attention placed on the national election, people are focusing on poll results.   Real Clear Politics (RCP), a well-known website that provides a plethora of poll results, just updated its summary of multiple polls’ results related to the general election:  Obama vs. Romney.    See summary table below.  Most …

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Case provides primer on regression analysis and what can go wrong

After a jury trial, ATA Airlines (ATA) won a nearly $66 million verdict against Federal Express Corporation (FedEx). FedEx appealed that ruling. In ATA Airlines, Inc. v. Federal Express Corp., No. 11-1382 (7th Cir. Dec. 27, 2011), a distinguished panel consisting of Justices Easterbrook, Posner, and Wood criticized the complex damages analysis accepted by the …

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GAO finds IRS computer system security is lacking

There are few documents that are more confidential than one’s income tax return. Consequently, one should reasonably expect that the IRS’s computer record containing details of each individual’s tax return would be secure. In a 36-page March 16, report, the Government Accountability Office (GOA) found that the IRS’s computer systems and the data on them …

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