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Please stop capitalizing “the internet”

A mild dispute with a colleague over capitalizing “internet” led me to grammargirl.com, which explained why “internet”, as in, “I found it on the internet”, should be capitalized. Grammar Girl states: “Most language experts including the Associated Press and the editors of the Chicago Manual of Style and the Yahoo Style Guide, believe the Internet …

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Home Office Deduction Just Got Easier

On January 15, the IRS issued Rev. Proc 2013-13, which gives taxpayers a safe-harbor calculation for a home office deduction. Instead of a specific identification of the costs paid for the home office, taxpayers who elect this method can deduct $5 per square foot for the office, up to a maximum of 300 square feet …

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Subway’s Footlongs Don’t Measure Up?

Recently, a social media firestorm broke out after some Subway restaurants were exposed serving Footlong Subs which only measured 11 inches. The spark was set in Australia, but with Facebook’s help, it raged across the globe almost instantaneously. To add fuel to the fire, a Manhattan franchise operator stated that “the chain has cut the …

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Court Finds That Man is Not Your “Typical” Skinnygirl

A New York judge has denied class certification in a lawsuit filed against Beam Global Spirits & Wine Inc., maker of the Skinnygirl Margarita.  The accusation in the proposed class action suit is that the Skinnygirl Margarita is falsely advertised as being “all natural”. In order to qualify as a class, certain criteria must be …

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Employee Retention is Not Only a Problem for Public Accounting Firms

Today I came across an article relating to how to stop young professionals from leaving public accounting [see: Article].  Young professionals leaving their first job(s) prematurely has become a bit of an epidemic across all types of firms.  The biggest complaint I hear when chatting with my counterparts at other companies is that they cannot …

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“We the People” Creates Opportunity for Change

From building the Death Star to deporting Piers Morgan, to disclosing the truth about aliens, lately the White House has been pelted by wild petitions. Whitehouse.gov explains that, “the right to petition your government is guaranteed by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Throughout our history, Americans have used petitions to organize around issues …

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Sometimes it’s the reputation, not the money

When a nursing home faces alleged medical malpractice, it may often be the case that the individual lawsuit is not the biggest economic problem it faces.  The Rainbow Beach Nursing Center in Chicago is currently defending itself against a wrongful death lawsuit.   Two doctors caring for Sonia Eli at the nursing home each filled out …

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The Vatican is “Cash-Only” as Italian Banks Stop Card Payments

The Italian central bank, Banca D’Italia, and the Vatican’s main bank, the Italian branch of Deutsche Bank, stopped electronic payments and ATM withdrawals within Vatican City last week.  Italian banks set the ban in place due to the city-state’s failure to comply with European Union money laundering regulations.  Vatican City and the Vatican museums are …

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Incentives for Scientific Research Are Changing

The research community has historically shown a strong bias toward work that would ultimately create a profitable product or solution.  As a result, many solvable problems without a ready and lucrative market get little attention.  This is a frequent complaint amongst those with obscure illnesses.  The research funding has simply not been there. The increase …

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Expired Payroll Tax Cut “Holiday”: New Survey Data Indicates Not Good News for the Economy

Despite both Congress’ and the White House’s constant rhetoric of “maintaining current tax rates for a majority of working Americans during the “fiscal cliff” negotiations, most working Americans are now taking home less pay as a result of the new 2013 legislation.  The two-year 2011-2012 payroll tax “holiday” failed to make its way into the final …

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