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SEC Takes Action on Overly Restrictive Confidentiality Agreements Affecting Whistleblowers

A recent enforcement action by the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) is the first of its kind, concerning improperly restrictive language contained in a company’s confidentiality agreements that could potentially impede whistleblower rules and protections. The SEC charged KBR Inc. with violating Rule 21F-17 under the Dodd-Frank Act by requiring witnesses in internal investigations to …

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Pro-Athlete Lending Firm is an Alleged Ponzi Scheme

A Florida based financial advisory involved in professional athlete lending has been charged with defrauding its clients. On April 7th the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) charged William D. Allen and his business partner Susan C. Daub with running a Ponzi scheme which promised investors 18% returns, however a sizable portion of these “returns” were …

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Massive Fraud in the Middle East

The New Yorker magazine recently ran a scathing review of the collapse of The International Banking Corporation (“TICB”), the largest credit default and potential Ponzi scheme ever experienced in the Middle East. At its core was a man named Maan al-Sanea, a son-in-law to a prestigious Saudi Arabian family, who borrowed billions of dollars from …

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New Revenue Recognition Rules Delayed

The Financial Accounting Standards Board (“FASB”) has announced a proposal to delay by one year the effective date of implementation of the new revenue recognition standard under Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (“GAAP”), making the new date of change for public companies those reporting periods beginning after December 15, 2017.  Private companies would have an additional …

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The Results Are In For the 2014 AICPA Trends in Forensic and Valuation Services Survey

The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (“AIPCA”) recently released the findings of its most recent Survey on International Trends in Forensic and Valuation Services (“Survey”). The Survey polled 443 professionals, including 55% who worked in public accounting and/or consulting firms. The remainder were professionals working in business and industry, education, law enforcement, and government. …

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Fiduciaries Continue to Face 401(k) Conflict of Interest Allegations

A group of workers at Ameriprise Financial Inc. settled their federal lawsuit against the company regarding management of their 401(k) contributions that were invested in Ameriprise funds and generated millions in allegedly excessive fees for the company. The case was filed in 2011 by Roger Krueger and a group of Ameriprise plan participants.  The plaintiffs disputed …

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