Virtual Reality Will Change the Way Juries View Evidence

A recent article available at describes how virtual reality may soon allow jurors to explore crime scenes as they actually appeared.  In the article, Dr. Mehzeb Chowdhury, a researcher in forensic science and criminal investigations at Durham University in the U.K.m describes his MABMAT robotic imaging system as capable of capturing every detail of an environment by recording 360-degree HD video with an autonomously roving unit.

A critical element of the value proposition is the price, with an entire system costing under $400 and the resulting footage downloadable to a smartphone.  The use of actual footage for jurors to explore eliminates the potential for bias in any 3D recreation.

The system is not yet ready to be used at trial, but is expected to soon enter field testing with police departments in the U.S. and U.K.  Clearly such technology could be utilized beyond criminal trials, including civil litigation applications such as appraisal, construction defect, personal injury/wrongful death, product liability and many more.

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