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I Smell A Hoax.

Sometimes reporters are so eager to tell a particular story that they will not apply a sufficient level of skepticism. On Friday January 18, news sites across the web linked to a story from the Salt Lake Tribune titled  “Utah business owner fires two who backed Obama”.  The story apparently started from the following comment …

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Forbes Gets it Wrong.

That’s a headline I did not expect to get a chance to write.  And to be honest, the mistake is on a post on the Forbes blog and not their namesake publication, which I presume gets more scrutiny.  But the flaw is in fact quite obvious. The post relates to the Internet Sales Tax bill …

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In some respects I’m feeling pretty justified by last week’s Supreme Court ruling on the Individual Mandate.  That is because eighteen months ago I said that commentators were pushing aside the very real likelihood of it being justified under the taxation clause of the constitution.  That prediction got me more than a little ridicule in some online …

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Big Players in the gTLD Applications

The application period is over and now ICANN has published the nearly 2000 applications for new Global Top Level Domans (gTLD). For those unfamiliar with the terminology, a Top Level Domain is what goes after the dot in a domain name,  By far the most common TLD is .com, but you no doubt have come …

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Groupon: Valuation Pluses and Minuses.

The Groupon IPO finally occurred.  At least for the moment, the insiders are looking smart for rejecting Google’s six billion dollar offer for the local deals coupon site.  The initial day’s trading set the market capitalization of the firm at over twice that. So it is either going to be the next Amazon or the next …

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Steve Jobs and the Great Man Theory

Xerox Star Screen

The Great Man Theory is a view that was popularized in the 19th century.  It says that history is the result of a limited number of spectacular individuals who, by reason of charisma, wisdom, inteligence, or zeal, remade the world.   One of its key proponents, Thomas Charlyle, wrote: The history of the world is but the biography of …

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Stanley Kubrick Invented the iPad?

Apple and Samsung have been fighting it out in courts around the world over Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet.  Recently Apple scored big in the dispute when it got a preliminary injunction against Samsung selling the Galaxy Tab 10.1 across most of Europe.  The ruling was principally based on the idea that the Galaxy Tab was …

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The IRS 400

Although it sounds like a stock-car race, the IRS 400 is the four hundred largest Adjusted Gross Income tax returns. Of course the IRS does not actually publish the names, but every so often they publish the year-by-year statistics for that elite group of individuals. The latest publication covers from 1992 to 2008. For 2008 …

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On August 15th, Google announced its largest acquisition ever, the purchase of Motorola Mobility for approximately $12.5 billion dollars. The $40 per share all cash price represents a 63.5% bonus over the prior week’s close. Earlier this year, Motorola divided itself into the commercial oriented ‘Solutions’ company and the consumer oriented “Mobility” company  in what was effectively a substantial …

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What Did S&P Actually Downgrade?

Late on Friday, August 5th, Standard and Poor’s changed their rating on long term US government debt from AAA to AA+.  The move puts S&P in disagreement with Moody’s, which had reaffirmed their highest rating for the US shortly after the debt ceiling deal.  It also occurred despite the administration’s position that there was a trillion dollar error …

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