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  4. Apple's Thunderbolt and the Competition for the Next Port. — 13 comments
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Will Amazon Succeed in Groceries?

Reuters and others are reporting that Amazon will within days be launching the Amazon Fresh grocery delivery service in Southern California, to be followed closely by Northern California.  The service will use Amazon’s two new warehouses and deliver using Amazon-branded vehicles.  Amazon Fresh has been operating as an experiment for the last five years with …

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I Smell A Hoax.

Sometimes reporters are so eager to tell a particular story that they will not apply a sufficient level of skepticism. On Friday January 18, news sites across the web linked to a story from the Salt Lake Tribune titled  “Utah business owner fires two who backed Obama”.  The story apparently started from the following comment …

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A Different Angle on the Must-Ask Interview Question

Kevin Morell, of the software company Referly, has posted on his blog the main question he asks when interviewing engineering and marketing applicants for his company.  It is interesting in that it goes contrary to all of the mental gymnastics question that have been the fashion at other high tech companies and have been the …

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7 Inch Tablet Four Way Deathmatch…and Fight!

Ever since Amazon dropped the price floor out of the tablet marketplace to $199 with the Kindle Fire, tech observers, and possibly many consumers, have wondering what Apple might do about it.  After a couple of press events, we finally have the answer in the iPad Mini. So here we have our four-way comparison of …

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The iPad Mini Announcement: The Un-Story.

The un-story is the story that isn’t told during the announcement itself and the one which the company might just as well prefer not be told at all. Apple Marketing loses a bit of its discipline. Having announcements of mega-events less than three months apart was something Apple used to never do.  Having them more …

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A Great Game Needs Great Referees

After what will no doubt go down as one of the most embarrassing end-of-game plays in any sport, the NFL quickly reached an agreement with its referees on a new contract and ended the lockout.  In the process of doing so it was no doubt reminded of the rule that is the title of this piece.  Whatever …

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Why You May Hate Windows 8 and One Thing to Do About It.

It is good for a technologist to have a few people around him who are not. It keeps them grounded, so that when he is thrilled with all the advancements in a new version of something they get to hear “Augh! They moved things! Why do they have to always go and move things!” With …

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Amazon May Take Another Bite from California Retailers Now That it is One.

Starting last Saturday, Amazon.com began collecting sales tax from California customers.  It was the completion of one of the most surprising turn-arounds in corporate policy in recent memory.  Ever since its founding, Amazon had avoided creating a physical presence in any state that had both a sales tax and a substantial number of customers, which …

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e-book pricing begins a new era

HarperCollins Publishing on September 11, 2012 announced that it had reached a new e-book pricing agreement with sellers. The changes were the result of the recent final settlement with some parties of a Justice Department suit regarding price fixing between several publishers and Apple Computer. The recent settlement included Simon & Schuster and Hachette, as …

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The Apple iPhone 5 Announcement: The Un-Story

Everybody covers the story of a product announcement. Its easy. Just re-arrange the stuff they said on stage in your own words. What is harder to cover is the un-story. That is the story about the stuff that wasn’t announced. It is also risky, because the company might forget to send you an invitation to …

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